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Sat Dec 31st - Sat Jan 21st

Worldbuilding Awards 2022

Submit your best work for a chance to be chosen as the best worldbuilder of the year!
You spent the entire year working on your amazing worldbuilding, and now we want to highlight your hard work! In the Worldbuilding Awards, a team of expert external judges and the World Anvil community will choose the best work you created for the past year. Submit your worldbuilding before January 28th using the button below and stay tuned for the Awards Ceremony on March 18th.  

How to enter


  1. You can submit to any number of categories. All fields in the form are optional, except for your email, username, Guild level, and the statement of understanding.
  2. For each category, you can submit only one entry, and it must match the specifications (e.g. with the correct template and any special requirements) for that category. You must include ALL details requested for each category that you choose to enter. Incomplete entries will be considered ineligible.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, your submission (map, article, timeline) must have been initially created between 1st January 2022 and 31st December 2022 (inclusive). Submissions can be edited until the self-submission deadline Saturday 28th January 2023.
  4. Once the self-submission deadline is passed, your entries will be locked for editing until the awards ceremony on March 19th 2023.
  5. You must provide the full public URL (not preview or editing URL) for each submission you make. All URLs must be for World Anvil pages.
  6. All submitted work must be public (not private) and published (not draft). Unpublishing entries or setting entries to private before the Awards Ceremony on March 19th will automatically and irreversibly disqualify you from the competition.
  7. You can only submit work created by you or your world’s team. You cannot submit other people’s work for consideration.
  8. All art used must be clearly labelled with the artist's name, e.g. beneath the image, in the authors notes, footer, global footer, or similar. If you are the artist, you must credit yourself. You must have explicit permission and rights of the original artist to use their work.
  9. The deadline for self-submission is the Saturday 28th January 2023.
  10. Ineligible submissions will be disqualified without warning or notice.
  11. All decisions made by the Judges are final. 


On the submission form for the Worldbuilding Awards 2022, you'll find the following categories!   N.B. Please do not write to us asking if the topic of your article fits the topic of the award! It is up to you to make this judgement call, based on the description and the eligible article templates.   Article Categories (click to expand)
Heart & Minds Award 2022: An article touching on intellectual, sociological, spiritual or cultural accomplishments and traditions of a people in your world
Allowed article templates: Character, Document, Language, Ethnicity/Culture, Profession, Species, Tradition/Ritual
Rise of Nations Award 2022: An article relevant to the history of civilisations and peoples of your world, and their legacies.
Allowed article templates: Building/Landmark, Character, Document, Ethnicity/Culture, Geographic Location, Organization, Profession, title, Settlement
Wondrous Nature Award 2022: Your natural world in all its glory — an article describing anything from species to locations, to natural and supernatural events, and bizarre naturally-occurring materials
Allowed article templates: Condition, Geographic Location, Material, Natural Law, Species
Strength & Honour Award 2022: An article relevant to the interactions of the people of your world across a grand scale — diplomacy, war, trade and collaboration, and the people who drive and engineer them
Allowed article templates: Character, Document, Military Conflict, Military Unit, Organization, Profession, Technology, Vehicle
Pillars of Progress Award 2022: An article describing a technological or scientific (including metaphysical) accomplishment, or celebrating creations developed by the people of your world.
Allowed article templates: Building/landmark, Item, Material, Natural Law, Settlement, Species, Spell, Technology, Vehicle
Myths & Legends Award 2022: An article describing an aspect of your worldbuilding which are mythical or fictional WITHIN the construct of your world. Examples might include pantheons, urban legends, and stories of non-historical fictional characters
Allowed article templates: Character, Myth, Organization
  Non-article categories (click to expand)
Time and Space Award 2022: This award is for the best Chronicle created on World Anvil in 2022
Minimum content requirement: 20 events and 1 map
History Award 2022: This award is for the best Timeline created on World Anvil in 2022
Minimum content requirement: 20 events
Cartography Award 2022: This award is for the best original Interactive Map created on World Anvil in 2022
  • All map-types can be submitted—there is no stipulation of image-type (dungeon maps, battle maps, region maps etc).
  • Minimum interactive requirements are 30 pins, each with a title and description of around 120 characters, 2 marker groups, and no less than 50 words of description for the map itself.
  • If the submitter is not the original illustration of the map, then the illustrator should also be submitted into the category as part of the entry and will be an equal winner in the award
  • You must either own full rights to the map outright, or have the artist's permission, to submit any map illustration you have not made yourself.
  Major Categories (click to expand)
Best Worldbuilding Article 2022: Any article created within 2022 is eligible for this award.
Most Ground-breaking New World-Premise 2022: Only worlds created within 2022 are eligible for this award—submit the world meta, a primer, the homepage and 3 core articles.
Most Beautiful New World 2022: Only worlds created within 2022 are eligible for this award—submit your world homepage and up to 3 additional articles.
Most Beautiful World 2022: There are no creation date restrictions for this award—submit your world homepage and up to 3 additional articles.
Best New World 2022: Only worlds created within 2022 are eligible for this award—submit the world meta, a primer, the homepage, and 3 core articles.
Best World 2022: There are no creation date restrictions for this award—submit the world meta, a primer, the homepage, and 3 core articles.

Event schedule

Timeline Event
December 31st 2022 - January 28th 2023 You can submit your own work for consideration for the Worldbuilding Awards through this form.
March 4th 2023 - March 17th 2023 Once our judges have determined the top 5, the community votes for their winner for each category.
March 19th 2023 All nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony, and the winner will be invited to give an acceptance speech.


Check back later for more information!


Who are the external judges?
The identity of the external judges will be kept secret until at least the end of the judging period. All entries will be vetted by the World Anvil Team before being sent to the judges.

Can I submit NSFW content?
NSFW entries will not be elegible for these Awards. This includes sexual themes or erotica, and depictions of extreme violence or gore.

How are my creator rights affectes by these Awards?
By entering the Worldbuilding Awards, you allow World Anvil to use your content for promotional purposes. However, your creator rights are in no way affected by this and you can revoke this permission at any time with reasonable notice.

Several categories request a World Primer - what is that?
A world primer is designed to introduce people to your world. Basically, if someone asks “so what’s your world like?”, this document should give them the answers — and it should make them want to know more! Think of it like the worldbuilding meta, but reader/player facing — so there are no spoilers or big reveals, just the basic premises and information of your world setting. A world primer usually uses the generic article template, but for the purposes of Worldbuilding Awards 2022, we don't mind which article template you use. Learn more about worldbuilding primers.

I have a question not answered in this page. Where can I ask?
You can email us at [email protected].

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