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Sat May 26th - Sat Jun 9th

Frightful Fauna

Tell us about a terrible and fearsome monster from your world.
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Long after the sun has gone down, the travelers are huddled around a dying campfire. In a hushed whisper, one of them begins to relay the tale of the terror that haunts these parts of the wildlands. As is tradition, they take turns attempting to scare each other with wild-spun tales of nightmares and horrors. Finally, they turn in, one by one, as the fire fades to embers.

With the fire dead, and the travelers all asleep, the macabre predator's patience is at long last rewarded.
    WorldAnvil & Worldbuilding Magazine Present...   Werewolves. Slenderman. Banshees. What are the monsters that send your bravest denizens running for their life, or soiling their undergarments? Tell us about the creepiest, most terrifyingly nightmare-inducing creatures that haunt your world. Be they intelligent, supernatural, nocturnal, numerous, or all of the above, describe the bone-chilling horrors that make your knees weak and remove your will to live.   This challenge is sponsored by Worldbuilding Magazine!    

Standard League Winner

with Candle Ghosts




The Winner of the challenge will receive the Winner's Badge for the challenge.

2 Competitors will be chosen as runners-up and will receive the Runners-Up Badge.

Everyone taking part in the challenge will receive the Competitor's Badge.

Specialized Prize

The winner will be featured in Volume 2, Issue 4 of the Worldbuilding Magazine in August.

  The full text of your submission, and—layout allowing—any art (original or used by permission) will be published in the magazine, with a link to your World Anvil profile and world.

  You also will get an illustration of your creature.  
The 2 runners-up will have a 200-word excerpt of their submission published in Volume 2, Issue 4 of the Worldbuilding Magazine in August. They will also have their WorldAnvil profile and world linked.
Authors will collaborate with the Magazine editors before publication to fix any grammatical or logical issues and ensure quality. You retain 100% authority over your piece and the magazine will go over the editing steps with you. If you cannot complete edits in time they will be forced to take over and those who complete the article will be labelled as co-authors.



Here is what we would like to read about your creature:
  • Name(s): What are they called? Do they have multiple names?
  • Habitat(s): Where do they come from? In what environment do they thrive?
  • Behavior(s): How do they hunt? Are they always hostile? Are they nocturnal or diurnal? Etc.
  • Description(s): What characteristics do they have? (Size, color, dominant features, etc).

Challenge Rules

  • Do not exceed 7000 words for this challenge.
  • Submit only one article using the Species template.
  • The article's creation date must be after the start date of the challenge
  • Do not stray far from the subject of the challenge.
Have a question about the criteria or rules? Ask an Enchanter in the World Anvil Discord  

Submission Timescale

Start Date : 26th May 2018 20:00 (UTC+1)
End Date : 9th June 2018 23:59 (UTC+1)
Don't miss out! Set an alarm or use a countdown timer!  


This challenge is judged based on two criteria:
  1. Ten will be selected by the number of Favourites / Hearts the article has received.
  2. From those ten, the staff of the Worldbuilding Magazine will chose one winner and two runners-up.
As this is not an Enchanter-Hosted event, the winner will not be added to the premier league of future challenges.

The more hearts you get on your article, the higher your chances of winning are! Share your article on social media and show your friends your amazing work!  

Winner Announcement

The winners will be privately approached by the Worldbuilding Magazine by June 23rd and informed of their victory so that the editing and feedback process may begin.   The winner will be publicly announced during our Celebratory Twitch stream on Saturday, 21st of July and via the World Anvil Announcements.

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